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Backpacking in Europe – Student Style

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I recently found an old travel log of when I backpacked through Europe and thought I would share. Back when I was a student, I spent a year studying in Scotland at the University of Strathclyde as part of Carleton’s University Exchange Program. It was definitely a personality defining year for me and it played a big part in shaping who I am today and I think back on that year with fond memories.

I love me some barrel sauna time! In the distance, you can see another cottage. Lots of privacy.

Insults In The Dark – 2013 – Fiddler Lake Resort

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While on our last Insults in the Dark summer trip, we kept driving by the resort so I got curious and looked it up online. It was pretty swanky and we joked about going there the following year. Fast forward 8 months and it was planning time again and as usual, it was tough nailing down a weekend where everyone was free. As a result, our choices were limited on where to go and the resort we joked about going to became a reality.

Insults in the dark 2012 - The cottage we stayed at

Insults In The Dark – 2012

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Another IITD and another fun year. We did another cottage trip and managed to snag a rental up near St-Sauveur (within a 30 minute drive). We hiked, played board games, read, watched the Olympics and a bit of Netflix, kayaked, swam and biked. I also managed to get caught up on sleep. This place was pretty sweet despite the fact that the owner was in his cottage which was 100 feet away from where we were staying.