evening picture of the firepit

The Firepit

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Dad loved to work on yard projects and his last project of note was the firepit he put in down by the lake I found photos that detail it’s construction and thought I would put in chronological order and share them. Enjoy!

Who can resist a sign like that?

Rappelling at Cape Enrage

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While driving through New Brunswick, I happened upon a little place called Cape Enrage which sits in the Bay of Fundy. I was pulled in by the promise of a rappelling adventure. Once I got there, I noticed a lighthouse, a restaurant, a gift shop and a sign pointing to adventure. Skipping the other stuff, I headed over and signed up for the fun stuff.

One of my brave yet foolish moments where I chose not to wear the bandana over my mouth

ATV – Mexico

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I grew up in the era of the injury prone three wheeler and as a result, I never got a chance to play on them. I was more a snow machine guy but I always wanted to play around on a quad bike so when I got the chance to try one while at a wedding in Mexico, I was all in.